Sv. Marina – 9.7.2023

On a hot and sunny Sunday, we went scuba diving in Sv. Marina, Croatia. We did 2 dives in total, the first being the Lina wreck. We did the second one from the beach, on the house reef.

The first dive was a bit under an hour and the second just over one hour.

Lina wreck

I went scuba diving in this location once before, when I was doing my AOWD course. Lina is a nice wreck, still in quite good shape.

There is at least one conger eel usually present which was the case again today. However, you can see a lot more. Lobsters for example are common but unfortunately, we didn’t see one this time.

In addition to the conger eels, there was plenty of other life. For example, small red scorpionfishes are quite common in that area and this time there were plenty of feather stars.

And let’s not forget the nudibranchs. There were a few small Flabellinas and a few Felimare orsinii.

House reef – right wall

The house reef consists of a left and a right wall. Both are good locations but different from each other. For the second dive, we decided to go to the right wall.

There was a lot of fish but we were enjoying the show too much so I forgot to take any pictures or videos. I did however take a few pictures of anemones. The first one was the colored tube anemone (Cerianthus membranaceus) and the second one was the golden anemone (Condylactis aurantiaca). We even saw an octopus and a rather large conger eel.

The golden anemone is common mostly in the Mediterranean Sea.


Both dives were nice with the highlight being the Lina wreck. The weather was sunny and hot and the water was calm and quite warm. Luckily it goes to about 17°C at depth.

Overall I had a good day trip with two nice dives.