Mošćenička Draga – 7.10.2022 – 9.10.2022

This weekend we went scuba diving to Mošćenička Draga again. It was the first time we stayed there for a few days. This means we got a chance to do a few night dives and experience the location in a whole other dimension.

Unfortunately, they had heavy rain for a few days less than a week before. So the visibility was not as good as I was used to. This also meant most of the pictures I took were not that great. But I managed to get a few good ones.

I am getting quite good with photography in good conditions, even in currents, but poor visibility (particles in water) is still a bit of a problem.

Overall we had a great weekend, did seven dives in total, and of course, had fun.

Day 1

We arrived in the afternoon, quickly got ready, and went scuba diving. The conditions were good so we decided to also do a night dive.

During the day we saw an interesting fish. It is a flatfish but I didn’t research which one exactly.


I was leading the night dive so I decided I won’t take pictures which was a poor choice. We got a chance to see an octopus. It could be the same one we saw a few weeks ago.

I must say it was beautiful and we just floated there for a minute or so watching it change colors.

We also saw a larger hermit crab, a conger eel which was huge going by the size of its head, and a lot of scorpionfish. It’s a special experience pointg a light in a hole from 1,5m away and suddenly seeing a head about the size of your own looking back at you.

Day 2

We did three dives, one of them being a night dive.

During the day we normally see quite a lot of nudibranchs so I did a photoshoot with one.


This time I decided to take pictures on the night dive, but we didn’t see the octopus again, unfortunately. The hermit crab was in the exact same spot as I was hoping it would be. I quite like this one. We had the best visibility on this night dive.

Hermit crabAnd we also saw a large scorpionfish which we see in the same area quite often.


Day 3

Unfortunately, all good things end at one point, but we still managed to do two dives. The conditions were a bit worse as we had waves on the surface but we didn’t let that bother us. We still had lots of fun.

I managed to take a good picture of Peltodoris atromaculata. They are normally quite shy and look like white lumps with black dots, but this one was not shy.

Peltodoris atromaculata