Fiesa – 3.9.2022

On 3.9.2022 I went scuba diving in Fiesa, Slovenia. Fiesa is a nice scuba diving location and is just over an hour’s drive from my home. There are several locations nearby but I like this one the most.

Fiesa is known for seahorses. That is the main but not the only reason that I like to go there. There are a lot of “wrecks” there. The “wrecks” are actually small boats but they still provide a nice shelter for organisms.

Usually, people think there is not a lot to see there. Sure, it isn’t the same as Egypt for example, but there is a lot to see. You just need to take your time and look.

The water is quite shallow. I normally dive up to 12m, but the main part of the reef is at around 8m. This means you can get a lot of time underwater. My longest dive there was 1 hour 35 minutes and I could stay a bit longer.

Due to the seabed composition, the visibility can be really poor. The seabed is made mostly out of sand or silt. Occasionally you can have less than 1m of visibility. Normally it is up to 6m, but on special occasions, you can get even to 10m.

What I saw

One of the most famous things to see in Fiesa is not alive. It is a wreck put there as an attraction.

It is a scooter, a car (partially visible on the left), and a statue.

And I already mentioned the second one.

This seahorse really tried to camouflage itself. But once you know what to look for you can spot them from quite far away. You can see several kinds of seahorses but this kind is the most common one I see there.

While they can swim quite well given their shape they are still not the greatest swimmers. Normally they will grab onto something with their tail as this one did.

I also got a chance to see a cuttlefish which is not common in the middle of the day. And I also got a chance to take some nice photographs of a nudibranch.

The cuttlefish was nice to observe as it can change colours and shape, the same as an octopus would.

And for the end a picture of a hermit crab. This is one of the images I like the most.

Just look at the eyes. And I really got the light right this time which was quite difficult as it was hiding in a dead pinna nobilis clam. It looked like it was quite curious as to what I was doing.

It’s no coincidence I choose this picture as the Facebook profile photo. I simply like it that much. If you are interested you have the Facebook profile link available on the right side of the webpage. But you can also click here:

And that’s it for now. More posts to come soon.