Fiesa – 3.2.2024

Scuba diving in Fiesa surprised me again. I thought I wouldn’t even have enough material for a post but I sure was wrong.

The conditions were quite standard for this time of year. It was a bit cloudy with temperatures at about 11°C above and below water. The visibility was about 3 meters with quite a few particulates suspended in the water. I think this happens due to little or no temperature gradient that will mix the water a bit. Low depths also don’t help in this matter.

The dive lasted about 1 hour and a half. And just as I was almost back, I saw something I didn’t expect to see here.

The pictures

I will start with something standard, a tentacled blenny (Parablennius tentacularis). You see them and other blenny species regularly. And usually, they also stay still for a picture or two.

Parablennius tentacularis

Next is a brittle star species (Ophioderma longicaudum). They usually hide under rocks and are quite fast so I rarely get a chance to photograph them. This one was already on its way back under a rock.

Ophioderma longicaudum

Then a few common animals, the common cuttlefish (Sepia officinalis) and a hermit crab (Pagurus anachoretus).

Sepia officinalis Pagurus anachoretus


From the Nudibranchia order, I didn’t see as many as the last time. But there were still a few. And one special.

First a small Felimare picta. In the back, you can see a much larger individual as well.

Felimare picta

And now for the big one. An Antiopella cristata (also Janolus cristatus). While I did know they could be found here, I didn’t expect to see one. Previously I only saw it on Premuda last year a few times. This one was about 60 mm long which puts is at the bigger end. It was also quite active and moving quickly.

Antiopella cristata Antiopella cristata Antiopella cristata Antiopella cristata

I saw it almost at the end of my dive and I took my time with it. I took pictures and just observed it for a good 10 minutes. It was certainly one of the best moments I had in Fiesa.


What started as a normal, relaxing dive ended up being one of my best dives. The Antiopella cristata was certainly the highlight of the day. How big of an impact can such a small creature have.