About me

Welcome to my blog tinyocean.eu.

I finished my OWD course in September 2021 and AOWD less than a year later, so I have not been diving for a long time yet. It quickly became my passion, so I tried to get into the water as much as I could. During the last year I also slowly accumulated all of the gear so now I can dive when I want.

After the first few dives, I quickly started thinking, about how I could share my experience with others. The logical conclusion was to take pictures, a lot of them. This meant that I needed a camera but more importantly, I needed to learn how to take pictures. My skill has slowly evolved to a point where I am now comfortable enough with the camera. I am by no means a professional photographer but I hope you will enjoy the wonders I see underwater.

As an engineer, I also started thinking about how I can improve my gear. Personalized gear is usually more comfortable to use and I make it to my strict requirements. I will also share some of my gadgets but I have just begun exploring this area.

Since I am usually on the other side of the camera, here is a rare picture of me. This was taken during my trip to Egypt in November 2021 for a two-week diving holiday which also marks the start of my underwater photography.myself I started this blog, tinyocean.eu, to share my diving experiences and especially pictures. So how did I come up with the name tinyocean.eu? While the ocean is a vast space, the tiniest creatures live in it. And when you see some of them, the experience is quite satisfying.

I hope you will enjoy reading about my experiences and the pictures.